使用 winget 工具安装和管理应用程序

开发人员可以在 Windows 10 计算机上使用 winget 命令行工具来发现、安装、升级、删除和配置应用程序。 此工具是 Windows 程序包管理器服务的客户端接口。


The current preview of the winget tool supports the following commands.

exportExports a list of the installed packages.
featuresShows the status of experimental features.
hashGenerates the SHA256 hash for the installer.
importInstalls all the packages in a file.
installInstalls the specified application.
listDisplay installed packages.
searchSearches for an application.
settingsOpen settings.
showDisplays details for the specified application.
sourceAdds, removes, and updates the Windows Package Manager repositories accessed by the winget tool.
validateValidates a manifest file for submission to the Windows Package Manager repository.
uninstallUninstalls the given package.
upgradeUpgrades the given package.